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  • Question: I only get black screen with music / The game graphics have strange colors?
    Answer: Please download the latest driver for your video card:
  • Question: The following error message 'Failed. No access to profile.' is displayed when trying to activate the game.
    Answer: Please install the latest » patch for the game.
  • Question: Why I can't activate my copy of Farming Simulator (Digital Version), Add-on or DLC?
    Answer: Please ensure that the game is not blocked by any firewall or similar security software. An internet connection is needed, otherwise the digital download version can't be activated. Sometimes wrong Internet Explorer settings can block the communication.

    How to check proxy server settings:
    1. Open Internet Explorer
    2. Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.
    3. Click the Connections tab, and then click LAN settings.
    4. Check if the proxy settings match with the image below.

  • Question: When I play with my steering wheel the camera always spins round. What can I do to fix this?
    Answer: Some steering wheels have separated Axis for the accelerator and the brake pedal. Farming-Simulator uses just one axis for the pedals. To solve this problem you can combine the axis inside the steering wheel configuration.
  • Question: Why does my gamepad not work with Farming Simulator?
    Answer: The following gamepads work problem-free (Plug and Play):
    • Xbox 360 Controller for Windows
    • Xbox One Controller for Windows
    • Bigben Interactice Wireless Game Pad (*)
    • Hama USB Gamepad "Black Force"
    • Logitech Dual Action Gamepad
    • Saitek Dual Analog Pad (*)
    • Speedlink Strike2 Gamepad
    • Thrustmaster Dual Trigger 3-in-1

    (*) For these gamepads you have to change/invert the axis of the right thumbstick. Should your gamepad not work, check the configuration. Certain gamepads, need configuration before you can play.
  • Question: Why does my Steering Wheel not work with Farming Simulator?
    Answer: The following steering wheels work problem-free (Plug and Play):
    • Guillemot Universal Wheel 5in1 Steering Wheel USB
    • Hama PC Racing Wheel "Thunder V18"
    • Logitech Formula Vibration Feedback Wheel
    • Logitech G25 Racing Wheel
    • Saitek 4-in-1 Vibration Wheel
    • Speedlink 2in1 Force Vibration Racing Wheel
    • Speedlink Darkfire Racing Wheel
    • Thrustmaster Force Feedback Racing Wheel USB
    • Thrustmaster Universal Challenge 5 in 1 Racing Wheel

    Should your steering wheel not work, check the configuration. Certain Steering Wheels, need calibration or configuration before you can play.
  • Question: How can I install a Mod (zip file) in Mac OS X?
    Answer: Copy the zip file into the following folder (don't unpack the ZIP file):
    <homedir>/Library/Application Support/FarmingSimulator2015/mods

    The mod folder of the App Store version (Farming Simulator15) is located here:
    ~/Library/Containers/com.focus-home.farmingsim2015/Data/Library/Application Support/FarmingSimulator2015/mods
  • Question: The game displays the following error message: The selected port does not work correctly. Other players might not be able to join your game. Please activate UPNP on your router or forward the port manually.
    Answer: Please activate the UPNP option on your router or cable modem. The default port of Farming-Simulator is: 10823. If you changed the default port you must also use the new port on your router or cable modem. Further is it necessary that TCP and UDP is forwarded. Please check the manual of your router or your cable modem to get instructions how to configure port forwarding.

    You may also find helpful information about port forwarding on other websites. (PortForward.com)
  • Question: Graphics card does have Shader Model 3.0, but the game is still not running and shows: Error: Could not init 3D System.
    Answer: Rarely OpenGL is not correctly installed. This may caused by old drivers (conflicts) which haven't been removed properly from the system. Please check your currently installed OpenGL version. Download and install the following tool:
    » OpenGL Extensions Viewer

    Run this tool and check your OpenGL version on the first page. Is your value smaller then 4.0 your graphics card doesn't have Shader Model 3.0, the driver is too old or is not correctly installed. Uninstall all graphics drivers and try to reinstall the newest driver. (NVIDIA, S3, Intel or AMD/ATI)
  • Question: The camera turns around all the time without any user input
    Answer: This could be caused by a gamepad or driving wheels. Please unconnect all gamepads and driving wheels from your computer or turn them off in the options menu.
  • Question: Error: Could not init 3D system. Shader Model 3.0 is required. Please install the latest video drivers.

    Farming Simulator requires the latest graphics card drivers. Please download and install the latest drivers for your graphics card. (NVIDIA, S3, Intel or AMD/ATI)
  • Question: How do I uninstall Farming Simulator (Digital Version), Add-on or DLC?
    Answer: Please go to the 'Control Panel'. Then to 'Programs and Features'. In the List doubleclick the Item you wish to uninstall and confirm the dialogue by pressing 'yes'.

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