360° video tour through Goldcrest Valley

7. October 2016

Join us on a virtual trip though Goldcrest Valley, the new environment in Farming Simulator 17. Watch the video below in a 360 degree video compatible browser (e.g. Chrome) or open it in the mobile YouTube and look all around you by moving the camera with the mouse or turning your smartphone or tablet.

Fly over Maplefield Town, ride along the railway tracks, head into the forests and more. If you look closely you might even be able to spot one of the gold nuggets hidden on the map.

Just make sure that you watch the video in the highest resolution possible. Pick 4K even if your monitor does not support it. For 360° videos the total resolution is used for the whole cube around you so the actual image on your monitor will be less than 4K.

Now tighten your safety belts, start the video and enjoy the ride! Welcome to Goldcrest Valley!

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