Productions Info Hud

A Hud to display the productions that need attention

Developed for the NF march, but is compatible with all Global Company productions.
The mod shows in an overlay the productions in a list that ...
- have no raw materials and therefore stand still
- which run empty within the next 72 hours (adjustable) and have less than 75% fill level.
This list is sorted according to the remaining term. The empty productions are sorted first and then in ascending order based on the remaining time.
For the remaining term, productions that have been switched off by the user or that are fully are not taken into account.
If a raw material is not required for an activated production line, it is also not displayed.
The first 10 (adjustable) from the sorted list are displayed.

Also shows the sales possibilities, where goods from the productions or from the silos can be sold at the best prices.
But only if the sales price trigger is installed and activated.
In addition, at least 100k liters (adjustable) must be available for sale in a warehouse or production facility and the price set in the sales price trigger must be exceeded.

Via the settings dialog (standard LShift + LCTRL + P), the productions can be ignored individually for goods deliveries and goods sales.

- Global Company.

- Sales price trigger, if you want to display the sales prices as well.

Explanation of the settings that are not yet possible via the in-game menu:
The minNeededAmount can be set for each inputProduct. The raw material is only displayed when at least that much can be delivered.

- Bugfix in the runtime calculation when using Seasons
- Everything except for the individual filling quantities and the position can now be set in the dialog
- If nothing is done, this is now also displayed
- The title of the dialog is now also translated
- Improved performance as the calculations are now only carried out every 5 seconds
- Corrected the position of the display when using the Vehicle Inspector when no more vehicle is displayed
Farming Simulator 19
25 KB
User Rating:
4.3 (45)
The rating function has moved to the in-game modhub exclusively

Required Mods:

- GlobalCompany (By: LS-Modcompany / kevink98, aPuehri, Eribus)
- Sell Price Trigger (By: Tunis)


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