This mod adjusts the Data of various Fruits to my creation on realistic Statistics. The Fruits get adjusted by seed consumption, yield and sellprice. The data is based on Averagedata in region Germany.
The adjustments in the seed consumption are particularly noticeable in fruits that are planted with the precision seeder. Here the seed consumption agrees well with the small storage tanks of these machines.
But the extremely low seed consumption of rapeseed in reality is also brought in.
By making adjustments to income and sales prices, the fruits and their income are aligned with one another. The yields of these fruits were converted from reality to the game and factors such as effort for cultivation and harvest were included.
Furthermore, the grain types wheat, barley, oats (if available also rye, spelled, triticale) are given different specializations by changing their yields and sales prices, which make them attractive for different applications.
Wheat, oats (and triticals) are more suitable for feeding, whereas barley (rye and spelt) are more suitable for sale.
You can use the Hardcore-Mode to get realistic yield.
The following Fruits are supported:
- Default Fruits (without Cotton, Poplar, Weed and Sugarcane)
- Rye, Spelt, Triticale, Clover, Alfalfa, Incarase_Grass, Onion, Carrot, Cabbage, RedCabbage, Lettuce, Poppy, Fieldgrass, Fieldbean, Energymaize

I recommend to use Seasons-Mod, MaisPlus-Mod, PrecisionFarming and RealisticSeeder.
Have fun :)

-- ChangeLog V1.0.1.0 --
- Straw price fixed
- Incarase_grass windrow yield fixed
- Added dependency of yield and price in hardcore mode. This ensures that the game is still balanced in hardcore mode (low income automatically leads to a higher sales price)
- Added data of millet, horsegrass, pasturegrass, miscanthus
- Updated description
- Description in the .lua extended to create a better understanding
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