Farming Simulator: Future features survey

Dear Farming Simulator community:

We hope you’re having a great time with the recently released Gold-Edition of Farming Simulator 15 but let’s look forward for a moment. We have a lot of plans for the series and would like to include the feedback of our fans into the future development.

Surely you do understand that we won’t reveal everything that’s going to be in upcoming editions of the game since a lot of decisions have to be made or ideas need to get adjusted in the development phase to make sure that all elements work nicely with each other and fit into the whole concept.

For this reason we created a list of exciting features which we consider implementing in the future and would like to get your opinion on them. Please note that the list neither shows all features we are working on nor everything on it will certainly end up in the game. However with your vote you can help us to get a picture of which elements are really important for you.

So have a look at the list below, think about it for a while and then choose up to three features which you would like to see implemented the most. The result of the poll will help us to focus on what’s important for the community during development.

We are already very curious and thank you for your feedback.

This survey is closed. Thank you for your interest.


14.35% (10285)Physics improvements (Vehicles and environment)
13.85% (9928)Extendable farms
12.20% (8739)Additional brands
11.30% (8094)More extensive animal husbandry
10.22% (7326)Enhanced agriculture/tillage
8.58% (6151)More fruit types
7.19% (5153)Vehicle customization
5.32% (3811)Tip anything anywhere
4.80% (3439)Extended economic system
3.49% (2504)Improved forestry
3.23% (2314)AI improvements
2.46% (1763)More growth states
1.83% (1312)Enhanced sound environment
1.17% (840)GIANTS Editor improvements

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