Farming Simulator 22 - Pumps n' Hoses 1.2.0

Update 1.2.0

Bugfixes & Changes
  • Fixed manure separators not working with placeables on dedicated servers
  • Fixed sound bug on sandbox production points
  • Fixed utilization on sandboxHud
  • Fixed issue when re-configuring the PW121 to no reels
  • Fixed help line issue when combined with other mods that insert help line entries (PF)
  • Fixed issue with pumping digestate
  • Fixed issue with umbilical cleaner not cleaning all attached hoses
  • Fixed wear on hose end part on reels
  • Fixed detached pto on JC450
  • Fixed Lua error with empty placeables.xml
  • Fixed cyclesPerHours of 2G BHKW12 10x -> 1x
  • Fixed JC450 lowering in combination with AI helper
  • Added difficulty multiplier to sandbox fermenter buyPrice
  • Added check if cloned bedding plane supports color change
  • Added compressor functionality to PW121 config
  • Added reset of reel overloading when out of range (15m)
  • Added proper support for separated manure with Precision Farming
  • Added HUD info for the umbilical pump
  • Changed center of mass of DH240
  • Changed the fillable object detection for umbilical pumps
  • Changed overloading to stop the reel when one reel is sold
  • Changed umbilical hose overloading, disallow unloading and attaching during overloading
  • Changed fill types to explicit to avoid conflicts with mods that insert fill types on categories
  • Changed behaviour of PW121 waterpump attacher
  • Various smaller fixes and changes

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