• Is there a minimum age for participation?
    No, but persons under 16 years of age may only enter the event area when accompanied by a parent or guardian. In this case you have to buy two tickets via Eventbrite.
  • What is FarmCon?
    At FarmCon, players, modders and developers of the Farming Simulator series meet in an atmospheric location. It will be a weekend where we have fun together and immerse ourselves in the history, technology and further development of the game. The developers of GIANTS Software have prepared a wealth of lectures and workshops and are looking forward to talking to you and getting to know you personally.
  • What activities await me at FarmCon 19?
    The exact program will be worked out and published until FarmCon.
  • I'm not a modder, what is there for me?
    Apart from the presentations you will also be able to meet other fans, moderators and developers of GIANTS Software and talk about your common hobby. Further actions will be announced later.
  • Where can I buy a ticket for FarmCon 19?
    Tickets for FarmCon 19 are sold via Eventbrite.
  • How do I get the ticket?
    After you have bought the ticket at Eventbrite, you will receive the ticket by email. Bring it printed or on a smartphone and show it at the entrance to the event together with a suitable ID card with photo (identity card, passport).
  • Are there any restrictions on what I can take with me?
    In any case, you can take equipment such as a laptop/computer, smartphone, camera or video camera with you to the event area. However, there are also restrictions and weapons, alcohol and fireworks are not allowed at FarmCon. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Participants who violate these rules may also be expelled from the FarmCon premises.
  • Can I film and post videos on the event site?
    Yes, in principle you can film and upload finished videos e. g. on YouTube or share them on social networks. However, it is not permitted to film and publish the lectures or workshops in their entirety. Short excerpts e. g. in the context of a general video about the event together with pictorial material outside of the lectures are fine, but do not make the content of the lectures the main component of the videos.
  • In which language do the lectures and workshops take place?
    The presentations and workshops of FarmCon 19 will be held in German. However, we will ensure that English translation is provided.
  • I have further questions, how can I contact you?
    If you have any further questions about FarmCon, your tickets or a refund, you can contact us by email at If you have already registered for FarmCon, please let us know your order number, name and contact details in the mail. Please note that refunds are only possible in case of failure or relocation of FarmCon.

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