FarmCon 19 Merchandise Shop

17. July 2019
Are you still missing the right Farming Simulator outfit or did you just drop your favourite coffee mug? No problem! Our designers have you covered! They designed new and exclusive merchandise for FarmCon 19. Whether you want to dress up sharp or drink your coffee from a GIANTS coffee mug in the future, you'll find what you're looking for at our merchandise booth.

There will be T-shirts, hoodies, mouse pads, baseball caps, messenger bags, backpacks, thermo mugs, caps, USB sticks, GIANTS coffee mugs, "Rosy" plush cow and much more. Here are just a few examples!

Do you think we forgot the Farming Simulator League? Of course not! FSL fans can look forward to brand new FSL merchandise.

Of course, that's not all our merchandise booth will offer. It will be best you visit the merchandize booth yourself and strike fast when you see something you like. Because we only have a limited stock.

See you at FarmCon 19!

FarmCon 19 almost sold out!

19. June 2019
If you have plans to attend this year’s FarmCon from the 27th to the 28th of July and enjoy the amazing program you better kick into overdrive and buy a ticket before it is too late!

Fascinating presentations from our FarmCon 19 partners Claas, DJI, Swiss Future Farm will give you some insights into modern digital technology and its influence on every day farming, while our very own presentations will further your Farming Simulator knowledge.

Naturally these are not the only things attendees can enjoy. The Claas factory tour, Developer Meet & Greet @Claas Greenhouse, a look into the content of the Platinum-Addon and the very first Farming Simulator League tournament are certainly four of the highlights during the weekend!

Don't delay, buy your ticket today!

FarmCon 19 Factory Tours and Developer Meet & Greet

14. June 2019
Today we have some important info to share regarding the Claas Factory Tours at FarmCon 19. These will be held on Saturday, July 27 2019 from 10:30 AM to 1:45 PM and on Sunday, July 28 2019 from 9:30 AM to 3:45 PM. There will be three tours per day which will take roughly 75 minutes each.

The available spots are limited, but with six tours with about 100 people, we can allow 600 people in total to participate in this fantastic opportunity during the weekend.

Info in advance:
  • All information, how you book a factory tour, is available, once you booked a FarmCon Ticket, right in the order confirmation.
  • If you already bought a FarmCon-Ticket, then you should have already received an email with all instructions. Make sure to check your Spam-folder.
  • The Claas Factory Tour requires participants to be at least 14 years old.
  • If you bought multiple FarmCon 19 Tickets for yourself and your friends, then you can book up to 10 Factory Tour-Tickets.
  • Please be fair and do not reserve more factory tour tickets than you need. Plan beforehand with your friends, before you order, otherwise some spots might stay empty. Per Group, you’ll only need to write down one name. The person who makes the order receives the reservations.
  • The second factory tour on Saturday at 11:30 will be held in English, as we have a few non-german-speaking guests. If you only speak english, please try to go for this particular tour.
  • Please bring your reservation just like your FarmCon 19 ticket either as mobile ticket or printed out.
  • The meeting point for the Factory Tours is the entrance to the Claas Museum in the Technoparc.
  • Please use the same email and name as you did with the order of the FarmCon 19 tickets (or with the order for your group).
  • If you made a mistake, want to be assigned to a different group or if you have more questions, then contact us at:
There will also be a Developer Meet & Greet on Saturday, July 27th from 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM. Here you have the chance to talk to the developers of GIANTS Software once the FarmCon is over for that day. More information will be sent via email or can be found in the order confirmation.

Keep in mind, that we already published info regarding the FarmCon program here. Check it out and make sure that your Factory Tour doesn’t coincide with a presentation you want to see.

The FarmCon 19 Sunday Program

7. June 2019
Our program is packed with exciting lectures from our FarmCon 19 partners and of course ourselves. If you are interested in high-tech agriculture, you will certainly get your money's worth.

Guest presentation Claas (TBD)
Claas are not only providing us with their Technoparc for the FarmCon 19 this year. They will also participate in the FarmCon 19 program with a guest presentation. Further details about the fascinating presentation will not be revealed yet.

Application of Drone Technology on Smart Farming (Wang Xuan)
Chances are you've heard of DJI. After all they are world market leaders in the drone industry. DJI´s Director Project Collaboration Wang Xuan will talk about the application of drone technology in smart farming.

Insights into a demonstration site for Smart Farming (Nils Zehner)
Swiss Future Farm is a demonstration site for precision agriculture, created in 2017 on the initiative of AGCO Corporation, BBZ Arenenberg and GVS Agrar with the aim of making digital agriculture visible, tangible and accessible. Nils Zehner will give us some insight into a demonstration plant for Smart Farming.

LUA Scripting (Manuel Leithner)
If you have problems with scripting, this roundtable is the right place for you. In a Q&A session you can ask Manuel questions about all your problems. Together you will find solutions and besides he will introduce you some small scripts. The workshop will take place on FarmCon Sunday (28 July).

Insights into the Farming Simulator 19 Development cycle
And last but not least you have the exclusive chance to get an insight into the current development cycle from the Farming Simulator. We will also reveal the content of the upcoming Platinum Addon.

With the exception of one lecture (DJI), all lectures will be held in German, we offer a live translation via headsets (provided by us) for English speakers. As usual, the lectures will be made available to the FarmCon 19 participants free of charge after the FarmCon.

Do these lectures arouse your interest in FarmCon19, but you don't have a ticket? That's no problem! You can get tickets here.

In the next weeks we will inform all participants of the FarmCon 19 about how you can register for the Claas factory tours.

Wang Xuan

Wang Xuan, as DJI Project Collaboration Director he is responsible for covering DJI project collaboration and policy issues relating to agricultural sector. Graduating from MSc Social Policy of London School of Economics, he used to work for Oxfam and Greenpeace as Program Officer in the arena of Food and Agriculture. His expertise includes Corporate Social Responsibility, Food and Agriculture issue.

Nils Zehner

Nils Zehner is Agricultural Engineer, Commercial Fuse EME at AGCO Corporation in Switzerland. He holds a PhD from the Agroscope Research & Development Centre of Tänikon, obtained after having completed the full course of study in Agricultural Sciences in Germany. Nils also joined the Operating Team of the Swiss Future Farm, a demonstration site for Precision Agriculture created in 2017 on the initiative of AGCO Corporation, the Swiss Agricultural Vocational Training Centre BBZ Arenenberg and GVS Agrar, with the aim of making digital agriculture visible, tangible and accessible.

New agenda items confirmed

16. April 2019
FarmCon 19 is coming together and we want to inform you about a few things we have planned this year at Claas in Harsewinkel:

Workshop: Serious Games by GIANTS (Stefan Maurus)
Creating a realistic simulation down to the smallest detail is the focus here. For years, the agricultural industry has used training simulators similar to civilian and military aviation. In this presentation, you’ll learn what “Serious Games” are and how these can help to develop the regular game as well.

Modder Panel: Realism vs Fun (Moderator: Martin Rabl | Speakers: TBD)
When developing a game you always have to find the right balance between realistic and fun elements. But where exactly is that line? For some players more realism means more fun, others enjoy it more abstract and don’t want to take care of every tiny step. In this panel we discuss how to find the right audience for your mod and when to release your mod to the public.

Stefan Maurus

Stefan Maurus is Gameplay Programmer at GIANTS Software in Erlangen. He is a long time modder and community member. He has published numerous mods in the ModHub and of course participated in the Mod Contest.

First agenda items confimed

21. March 2019
It’s time once more to meet up at FarmCon! This year, everyone in the community, players, modders and developers of the Farming Simulator series meet up at Claas in Harsewinkel, Germany. For two exciting days, you’ll get to watch presentations about Farming Simulator, meet the developers and enhance your modding knowledge. And while we still work to set our program in stone, we’d like to announce the first points of our program in advance.

Level Design Workflows in Farming Simulator 19 (Florian Busse)
Hundreds of assets congregate in Level Design. Architecture, Vegetation, Machinery and everyday objects have to mold into one complete package and create a believable environment. The presentation “Level Design Workflows” will teach you techniques, that let you organize your creative work in the level editor and optimize your workflows so you keep an overview over the 4 square kilometers.

Presenting the new GIANTS Script Debugger (Stefan Geiger)
This presentation gives an introduction to the newly developed GIANTS Script Debugger, an IDE dedicated to the creation of Farming Simulator mods. Learn what features it provides for writing script code and how it helps to find and fix bugs in your mods.

Modding Q&A (Martin Rabl, Manuel Leithner, Stefan Geiger)
During this program point, we’ll take questions from you, our community, to be answered live. Always wanted to know something about Farming Simulator modding that you wanted to hear from a developer? Here’s your chance.

Florian Busse

Studied animation at the HFF - University for Film and Television, Potsdam/Babelsberg. Over the years he has developed himself to a senior 3D environment modeler and expanded by becoming acquainted with the field of level design. Florian joined GIANTS Software Zurich in 2016 as senior level designer.

Stefan Geiger

Stefan Geiger is the co-founder and CTO of GIANTS Software GmbH. He received a Master's degree in Computer Science from ETH Zurich, with a focus on Visual Computing.

Martin Rabl

Martin Rabl is PR & Marketing Manager at GIANTS Software. He joined the video games industry more than 10 years ago as community manager and took over communication and public relations for the Farming Simulator series in mid-2015.

Manuel Leithner

Manuel Leithner is lead gameplay programmer at GIANTS Software and head of the office in Germany. Since he also built and published numerous vehicles with his modding team (SFM) during his computer science studies, he has a good feeling for what is interesting for newcomers and professionals.

FarmCon 19 is coming. Visit us at Claas, Harsewinkel on the 27th and 28th of July 2019

21. February 2019
FarmCon is the official community event for modders, developers and players of the Farming Simulator series. This year, the event will take place at Claas in Harsewinkel, Germany.

Aside from exciting and helpful talks about modding, visitors will also be able to follow th start of the Farming Simulator League live, when the teams clash for the very first time.

Meet other members of the unique community, talk to the developers of GIANTS Software, who will be back in attendance in large numbers and get an insight into the game's further development. There are also plenty of opportunities to meet new and old friends.

The lectures will mainly be held in German language but we will offer live translation via headsets (provided by us) for English speakers.

Every visitor receives a goodie-bag, stuffed with great content and bonus material. There are also other surprises waiting for you. Keep an eye on the official FarmCon website, where you can find more details about the event.

Early Bird tickets are now available. The tickets will give you entry to the event on both days.

Order your tickets here.

Whether you just want to have a nice weekend or learn something new - this is the event of the year for all fans of the Farming Simulator series.

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