Controlled Traffic Farming

Controlled Traffic Farming is a management tool that is used to limit the soil compaction caused by heavy or repeated machinery passes over the land. With this mod soil compaction is simulated by applying a plowing requirement where heavy vehicles have been driven.

To get the most out of this mod it is recommended that you adopt a CTF system on your farm. For maximum efficiency, your sprayer should be at least three times the working width of your other equipment. The primary tramlines for the sprayer can be used by all equipment and will remain permanently compacted. You can then save time by subsoiling only the secondary vehicle tracks prior to seeding. Don't forget to ensure that your harvester can reach over to the next tramline with the auger.

- Soil is compacted by any vehicles with a weight greater than 6.5 tonnes
- Compacted soil must be plowed or subsoiled to achieve full yield
- The yield reduction for any land that requires plowing is now 30%
- The plowing requirement after harvesting root crops or corn is no longer applied

- Please be aware that vehicles driven by the AI will also cause soil compaction on your fields
- The 'Periodic Plowing Required' game setting will disable soil compaction for all vehicles and remove the yield penalty as usual
- The yield of grass is not affected by soil compaction, but you must plow before planting subsequent crops to achieve maximum yield.
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