Building Blocks

Many different kinds of Decorative Plates/Tiles that can be put on the ground to make your farm look Pristine!
This is the primary pack for something we call Building blocks, it contains many foundations that can be placed down to decorate the ground of your farm.
Cornerstones, walls, ramps & more will be added via separate mods, so you can have a collection that fits your playing style perfectly.

- Its highly advisable to use the in game grid snapping (Default "C" on PC, "R1" on PS4) to make sure they are placed in perfect symmetry.

We are working a lot to make new cool seamless textures for these plates so you can customize your farm just how you like it,
these will be added through rapid updates, as we get them done.

Price: 60 €
Size: 10 x 10 Meters

- Supports the "Seasons" mod.
- We are currently working on making them function as Terrain so they get better wheel tracks, but also hopefully making it so other placeables can be placed on top of them. (without scrips)(console)
- Do you have suggestions to help us figure that out, or just have an amazing texture you want added?
- We also need help with translations, to get it translated correctly to all languages. This can also be done from our GitHub page.
- We want to make these mods packed to the rim with customization possibilities, so that you can make it fit your farm & fit your gameplay!
Farming Simulator 19
Farm Buildings
149.48 MB
User Rating:
3.3 (31)
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