Adjust Working Speed

With this Script-Mod the working speed of attachments can be adjusted when buying them in the store. The setting range is up to 7 kmh (or 4.3 miles) more or less in 1 kmh (or 0.62 miles) increments, starting from the default value of the attachment.

Realistic players can use this to slow down their attachments, which is especially useful for youngtimer and oldtimer attachments. But the working speed can also be increased.

Another criterion for setting the working speed can be the existing farm tractor. If your own tractor has hardly any reserves in relation to the attachment (e.g. cultivator or plow), then the working speed should be selected lower.

In the multiplayer, each player can buy an attachment with his or her preferred working speed, i.e. there may be the same attachment with different working speeds in the game.

Adjusting the working speed works with all attachments, whether from the main game, a DLC or mods.

There are a few mods, where the working speed does not correspond to the usual default values, this can now be adjusted in the store configuration.

Changelog Version
Attachments with could no longer be called up in the store, this affected some forage harvester cutters from the Kemper pack. The affected cutterbars now no longer receive a configuration for adjustung the working speed, because the problem could not be solved otherwise.
Farming Simulator 19
PeterAH, Modding-Welt, Oldenfarm
19 KB
User Rating:
4.6 (641)
The rating function has moved to the in-game modhub exclusively



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