The Roadrunner+ brings many improvements, and upgrades to the much loved Roadrunner truck.

- More powerful engine (581 kW / 790 hp, 699 kW / 950 hp, and hybrid motor assisted 950 hp diesel, delivering 1,324 kW / 1800 hp!)
- Top speed of 120 kph (75 mph)
- Upgraded brakes, to handle the higher power and speed
- Four-wheel steering as standard (can be toggled to front-only, if desired), for improved stability and tighter turning circle
- Rear working lights, with 100m illumination range
- Powerful headlights with high-beam spot lights, reaching 150m illumination
- Beacon lights
- Working gauges and dash lights
- Working connection hoses
- Power windows
- Adjustable in-cabin camera position
- Two additional external camera positions, to easily view rear attatchers, and trailer hitch
- Choice of fender designs
- Multiple wheel options
- Lots of colours!
- Optional rear trailer (high and low), with PTO output
- Optional front three-point linkage, with PTO

- Added interior lighting
- Added low intensity to static headlights when on parkers
- Adjusted pricing for options
- Tweaked wheel physics
- Added option for hybrid engine assist to 950 motor, for even more power (to rival other mods with misquoted power ratings). 1800 horsies? You bet!
- Fix front and back Roadrunner decal positions being swapped in config
- Changed vehicle sounds
- Fixed reversed right-side window control with gamepad
- Implemented custom controls, to allow changing of bindings for seat and window controls via in-game controls menu
- Adjust in-cabin clock for daylight savings time (not really)

- Replaced broken wipers with properly sized ones that can do a full 90 degree stroke for better vision
- Updated engine sounds. Now has compression-braking sound, and gear shifting sounds
- Added twin-wheel options for all wheel brands
- Animated gear stick and clutch pedal to go with new sounds
- Falsified tachometer to match virtual gear shifts
- Adjusted fifth-wheel rotation limits to accomodate steep sell points, like Ravenport Central Grain Elevator, so trailer or truck aren't left with all wheels in the air
- Adjusted position of decals to avoid shimmering at distance (game unable to decide which texture is in front)
- Tweaked suspension for more stability at high speeds
- Reduced triangle count by 6%
- Remove duplicated dash guages from left side
Farming Simulator 19
13.56 MB
User Rating:
4.6 (2799)
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