White Workhorse Series

White Workhorse Series
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After the White Motor Corporation took over various agricultural machinery manufacturers in the 1960s, such as the Oliver Corporation in 1960 and Cockshutt in 1962 and Minneapolis-Moline in 1963, these activities were merged in 1969 under the name White Farm Equipment.
From 1975 with the introduction of the Field Boss series (tractors) and the Harvest Boss series, the original colors of the three companies and their brand names were no longer used, but White was used as the brand name and gray as the color.
From the beginning, some models came from Fiatagri, this was a continuation of a corresponding collaboration between Oliver, Cockshutt and Fiatagri.
After this cooperation was ended in 1977, models in the power range up to 60 hp were purchased from Iseki in Japan and sold under the brand name White-Iseki.
In 1979 White Farm Equipment was sold to TIC. After White Farm Equipment filed for bankruptcy in 1985, the Brantford, Ontario facility was closed and the combine business was sold to Massey Ferguson, while the rest of the business was taken over by Allied Products.
Allied Products, which had already acquired New Idea in 1984, merged the two companies to form White-New Idea in 1987, and the company's headquarters were relocated to Coldwater, Ohio.
In 1989 the tractors from Iseki in the lower power range were replaced by own models manufactured in the USA.
This "American" series was available in Cockshutt-Red, Oliver-Green, Minneapolis-Moline-Yellow, and White-Silver and had engines from CDC (a joint venture between Case and Cummins).
This series was not very successful and was discontinued in 1991. In 1990 the previous Field Boss series was replaced by the Workhorse series.
After an agreement was reached with Deutz-Allis in 1988, their 9100 series was manufactured by White from 1989. This series was based on the tractors from White, but was equipped with engines from Deutz AG.
In 1991, White-New Idea's tractor division was sold to AGCO, and the rest of the company two years later.
AGCO used the brand name White until 2001 for their tractors when it was superseded by the brand name AGCO. Only AGCO's planters still have the White name on it today.

The Workhorse series shown here was built between 1990 and 1992 with the two top models 170 and 195 and equipped with Cummins engines.
They were offered as both 2wd and 4wd variants, but were not as successful as the previous FieldBoss series. Nevertheless, they are still to be found in large numbers in the USA today.
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