Christmas Market - FarmingFive

this Package includes Sellingstations and decorative objects for creating a Christmas Market. The Pack is seasons ready
Christmas tree sale:
- 3 different tree stands with different trees
- A Christmas tree funnel: Is needed in reality to pack trees. Here in the game it's just decoration
- Two sheds: These simulate a place for storing different devices, etc.
- A trigger: This is placed and only here wood can be sold.

Christmas Market:
- four entrance signs
- A snack stand.
- A big Christmas Tree
- 5 different sales stalls:
A large booth where mulled wine and punch are sold.
A bratwurst booth: Meat can be sold on this one. This means ingame: It has an animal-sell-trigger.
A both which sells Christmas Crips: here, wool, cotton, as well as hay and straw can be sold in small amounts.
A Crepé sbooth: Crepés are sold here. For this purpose, the owners buy small amounts of milk and wheat, as well as eggs for the dough.
A well-known little house: Of course, my favourite house from the mod contest is not to be missed. Here the farmer can sell almost everything he produces on his farm as he pleases
- To the Christmas market there are also some decorative objects: lamps, fences, a sand container and a bank.
Farming Simulator 19
28.20 MB
User Rating:
4.6 (8)
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