Removable Hedge (Prefab*)

Removable Hedge.

New Improved removable hedge (import using Giants Editor, NOT a placeable). Mapmakers can place these hedges & fences in their map, and farmers can remove them in order to join and expand their fields.

Changelog v2.0.0.0

1 Hedge removal method improved - hedge will now disappear completely or leave a proper tree stump in the ground, for removal by stumpcutter.

2 Hedge may now contain other objects, such as barbed wire, bushes, small trees, fence post.

Mapmaker info -
To place - use Giants Editor to import the removable hedge, into your map. Duplicate hedge pieces or add whatever other objects as attachments under the LOD. Add collisions to individual attachments as required, for example to barbed wire attachments.

Farmer info -
1 Use a chainsaw to look for the cuttable tree or post within the hedge.
2 Cut the cuttable post or tree - if it is the LOD, cutting it will make it disappear along with any attachents it contains. If a tree is cut, then the wood can be chopped and sold.
3 If a stump is left in the ground, use a stumpcutter to remove it.
4 Now you can plough the fields together using the 'create fields' option.

Full credit to Giants for textures and objects used to create this mod.
Farming Simulator 17
Prefab Category
5.43 MB
User Rating:
3.7 (302)
(*) This is not a Mod. This object can be used in building maps for Farming Simulator.


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