Combine XPerience

If you're tired of harvesting any crops with any combine at 10 kph, this mod is for you.
The goal of this mod is to provide a new experience when using combine harvesters in the game to be closer to real life harvesting. This is a first release and new features under development will arrive soon.
New features:
- Capability to activate combine and cutter independently as IRL
- Harvesting speed limit based on material quantity gathered, crop type, combine performance (based on power) and crop moisture with Seasons mod
- Display several data in HUD when harvesting: material capacity (T/h), combine load (%), instant yield (T/ha)
==== CHANGELOG ====
Fixed in v1.0.0.1
- Capability to reach combine load up to 120% to be able to keep 100% more easily with high yield crop
- Higher speed for MF Activa 7347 and forage harvesters
- No more error when mod zip file is renamed
- Warning message translation
Fixed in v1.0.0.2
- HUD text scaling issue
- HUD error when playing on Dedicated Server
- Better management of sugarbeet and potatoes harvesters
New in v1.0.1.0
- Adding russian translation
- Engine revs up when threshing and overloading
- Engine load and speed depending on crop moisture if Seasons mod enabled or on time of the day
Fixed in v1.0.1.1
- Higher speed for forage harvesters cutters like mex5
- Don't take into account crop moisture or time of the day when allowThreshingDuringRain is true
- HUD size fixed
- Capability to enable/disable mod behaviors with settings in xml file
- Error when attaching front shield cutter
Farming Simulator 19
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3.6 (871)
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