New Holland 30 Series South-America

​​​Series 30 tractors come with the new New Holland engine. Made in Brazil, the Tier 3 MAR I engine is more modern, more economical and more robust. Bringing greater productivity, it has greater torque reserve and high maximum torque designed to have greater durability in the field, which means less maintenance, greater durability and economy. The new New Holland engine only brings more safety and technology to the field.
Market leaders in their segment, the 7630 and 8030 tractors are unrivaled in performance and durability, which makes them unanimity in the field. No tractor can surpass the productivity, versatility and low operating cost of the 7630 and 8030. Always on the path of innovation, New Holland tractors provide ease of operation and the brand's commitment to delivering the best for you.
The modern engine is ideal for the operator who wants more productivity and economy. The one-piece Class II Heavy Duty self-locking axles provide strength and robustness for the heaviest jobs, being sized to work even in the harshest underfoot conditions. With up to 48% torque reserve, FPT engines withstand harsh field conditions without constant shifting.
In addition, the self-locking axle can be actuated according to the need for traction during field operations. Bringing greater fuel economy and durability of internal components.
Agility, precision and better use with total reliability. With the hydraulic flow of 80L/min, it is possible to work a diverse amount of implements, the continuous flow provides a greater speed during the operations. Precise stabilizer arms, with adjustments by pin placement and fine adjustment by thread, facilitate attachment and decoupling of implements. Practicality, convenience and fuel economy.

- Price: 80,500$
- Power: 110/122 hp
- Transmission: Manual + Dual Power and equipped with Super Speed ​​Reducer, ideal for jobs that require very low speed and high engine speed
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New Holland
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