Buildings Of Norway

This is a collection of buildings with Norwegian or Scandinavian look and architecture.
The buildings are replicas of real buildings. Some buildings include color options.

The pack contains placeables you can build on your own farm
- 9 Farmhouses
- 2 Workshops
- 4 Sheds (2 with Workshop function)
- 4 cow barns
- 2 Sheep barns
- 1 Hayloft

More buildings are planned to be added in the future!

The pack contains all required resources for buildings added to the pack in the future.
If you are a map maker I recommend you use the buildings as placeables by following the example in the Rennebu map.
By adding the buildings as placeables in your own map the players will be sure to have the latest version available when the pack is updated in the future, and it will make it easier
for me to provide support as they all should be on the latest version at any given time.

If you need help using the pack in your map, please contact me through the forum.

- Fixed shader issues to abide to enable crossplay.
- Grain mill now properly let you fill various products (Lime, herbicide, seeds, liquid fertilizer and fertilizer)
- Grain mill now accepts maize, honey and raisins to produce cereal
- Joker unload trigger updated
- Bruholt Hayloft updated tipCol and loading trigger
- Bruholt farmhouse removed snow from carport
- Bergtun sheep barn wool area markers added
- Hoveng barn fixed trigger areas for bales, grass and forage
- Ivar sheep barn wool area markers added
- Nørigard barn now has an info trigger
- Bergtun cow barn now has an info trigger
- Løkkja barn fixed ground floor going below ground level
- Temporary building site placeables added in preparation for a future update to Rennebu
- Fixed shop floor collision
- Fixed shaders on buildings to make the pack console friendly
Farming Simulator 22
226.70 MB
User Rating:
4.3 (491)


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