Lizard TF840-B Pack

Expand your logging experience with a legendary machine from Lizard! The TF840-B is universally usable:
With the 7000XT harvester head and the SuperGrip 520, you get two attachments for both cutting and delimbing trees,
as well as transporting them. With a configuration you can mount a stanchion structure on top of the TF840-B, alternatively you can use
a clambunk to transport longer logs. All that with just one machine! The unique sound is completely new recorded and comes from an
original TF840-B.

*Please note a few annotations at the end of the description*


Lizard TF840-B:
- Power: 300 HP
- Speed: 20 kph / 12.4 mph
- Price: 285,000 $
- Configurations: Design (default / stanchions), tires + tracks, log support, main color, design color
- Extra function: Choice between automatic and manual cabin levelling
- Extra function: Invert steering direction

Lizard 7000XT:
- Price: 75,000 $

Lizard Super Grip 520:
- Price: 5,000 $
- Configuration: Model (520S and 520R, wood grab or biomass grab)
- Extra function: Switchable floating position for long logs

Lizard clambunk:
- Price: 15,000 $
- Configuration: Design color
- Extra function: Switchable floating position for long logs

*Annotations and support*

- Control groups: 1 (arm and harvester head), 2 (Manual cabin levelling if selected, stanchions and clambunk)

- Because the system is based on attachable equipment, it is very important which attachment is selected. While using ONE attachment,
the base machine (control group 1 or 2) has to be selected. While using the harvester head AND the clambunk,
the harvester head has to be selected in order to cut a tree.If something isn't working, make sure that the right attachment is selected.

- If the grab or the clambunk aren't rotatable manually, make sure that the floating position is deactivated.

- The steering direction of the TF840-B can be reversed with the "Change driving direction" function.
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