Lizard Fam 1.9 TD Municipal official cars (Update)

Hello friends

Here I present you something special before. This is an old ex-municipal company car then from Passau (Lower Bavaria) Came. Now they got a new Lizard Fam Year 2015 and this Year 1999 has unfortunately way. They wanted him unfortunately scrapped because it has too many kilometers on it. The Farmer (Corsa D driver) is in love with this vehicle and took him to more than 7,000 €, he has been making are no problems and fulfilled his loyalty services, it is one of the best cars, s who drives very well, good power brings, and an enormous tension at the AHK.

Here we would like to inform that this car has the Last Update and now is done forever. Thanks to the community for your help / advice :-)

We have the following made:

+ Complete new interiors
+ New Horn
+ Animated speedometer with digital display
+ Outside improved a bit
+ Brake light with LED (War then in 1999 its time advance)
+ Rim with traces
reingestellt + 2 new items
attracted + backseat camera left
+ Traction a bit improved

Now we have made him complete and hope that you can the benefits. he is really a great help and is fun to drive with him

Technical specifications:
Year: 23.06.1999
Power: 90 horsepower
Fuel: diesel and biodiesel
Maintenance costs: € 0 / day. (Exempt)
Sale price: 5.200 €
perm. speed 117 km / h (in LS compulsory!)

Now we would like to inform you that he is not a Citroen C4 Picasso (Looks like this is unfortunately none) but one built by GIANTS Traffic Car from the traffic.

and now Have fun with it and fits well on him ;-)

LG Opel Corsa D Fahrer
Farming Simulator 15
12.09 MB
User Rating:
3.2 (521)


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