This is Perestroyka1986 Map - the largest map of the Farming Simulator world.
1) Culture standard + sunflower, rye, oat, carrot, onion (sunflower, rye, oats, carrots, onions) ON the MAP Spelled out the WEED.
2) Animals standard + piglets calves.
3) a Cargo port there is the opportunity to buy cement. Sell wood, beer, sugar, biscuits, condensed milk, canned food, packaged Rast. oil , grain, flour, pigs and calves
4) the Site - makes concrete.
5) the Dairy plant receiving the milk sugar (produces milk)
7) railroad Station takes - onions carrots potatoes sugar beets wheat barley rape maize sunflower oat Rye wheat flour rye flour cornmeal beer sugar confectionery product condensed milk canned Vasavan. oil tree
7) Bakery reception - Wheat flour rye flour corn flour milk sunflower oil,sugar.Produces bread ,pastry product.
8) Mill technique - Wheat Rye Corn. Produces Bran Wheat flour Rye flour Cornmeal
9) Concrete plant - Sand Gravel Cement. Produces Concrete
10) oil extraction plant - Sunflower. Produces the Packed oil. Draught sunflower oil. Husk
11) Sugar factory acceptance - Sugar beet. Produces Sugar
12) the Brewery - Barley Hops.Produces Beer
13) Cannery reception - potatoes, corn, onions, carrots, etc, oil. Produces Canned
Farming Simulator 15
Yan Belousov (fs 13)
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