Platinum Patch 1.3 Now Available!

24 Styczeń 2023

We released Patch 1.3 for the Platinum Expansion (and Platinum Edition) and it's available now! The patch brings a variety of optimizations for Platinum-owners of Farming Simulator 22.

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John Deere's Dr. Engel on International Green Week - Farming Simulator Podcast #29

13 Styczeń 2023

This time, Chaki talked to Dr. Thomas Engel from John Deere about the International Green Week in Berlin, Precision Farming, and digitalization in agriculture. Don't miss out on this exciting episode!

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A Podcast Before Christmas- Farming Simulator Podcast #28

23 Grudzień 2022

It’s the day before the holidays, and today our podcast is somewhat different. Today our team members Martin, Adrien, Josie, and Lukas chat about their year working with GIANTS Software on Farming Simulator 22 and Kermit has invited some streamers to ask them what their ideal Farming Simulator Christmas present would be.

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Farming Simulator Winter Writing Contest

21 Grudzień 2022

Send us a creative story of your winter adventures in Silverrun Forest with a length of 1,500 to 10,000 characters. Think up different characters: What funny, adventurous or mysterious events happen in their daily lives? Let your imagination run wild!

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Deck the halls – Happy Holidays (Support-Info)

20 Grudzień 2022

Dear Farming Simulator friends, the GIANTS team is off for the holidays and wishes you a great time. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, as the song goes, and an exciting year comes to an end. We released several updates for Farming Simulator 22, completed the fourth season of the Farming Simulator League and recently announced the Year 2 Season Pass. Now it is time to take a break, relax and join our families for Christmas.

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New Map, Machines & Crops: Year 2 Season Pass Now Available!

6 Grudzień 2022

With the Year 2 Season Pass, we're preparing the field for the second year of Farming Simulator 22: New crops will sprout from the soil of a new environment, while new brand partners introduce a series of exciting machines.

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Volvo - A Journey Through Time

1 Grudzień 2022

From rugged old-timers to modern efficiency, Volvo Group is one of the most prolific manufacturers of trucks and construction equipment. Several of the most notable milestones of Volvo’s classic and modern vehicles are now part of Farming Simulator 22 Platinum Expansion & Edition.

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Hay-ppy Birthday Farming Simulator 22- Farming Simulator Podcast #27

28 Listopad 2022

The Platinum Edition was released and - in case you didn't know - Farming Simulator 22 has had its first birthday!

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