Do you know the Farming Simulator community? Join us!

March 13, 2020

Before we show you more community related content, let's start at zero, shall we? Let's do some field prep, so to speak: If you don't know about our community yet (maybe you're new here), we'll show you where to find our dedicated fans so you can join in. 

Are you looking for someone to help out on your farm? Do you just want to exchange opinions or ideas with other players? Do you want to share your creations - from cool screenshots up to some awesome mods you created? Here you'll find the channel that's just right for you.

The official Farming Simulator forums

It's a good sign in the 21st century if there's still a lot of people actively using online forums. Since most online forums are pretty much abandoned by now, preserved by almost forgotten web design standards of the early 2000s. That's not the case in our forums with hundreds of new postings per day: Our fans still engage in long discussions about the game (and of course other things too).

So, if you want to talk in-depth about the technical aspects and even the smallest details in the game, the forums are the best place to exchange your opinions and ideas with other fans. One benefit of using online forums is still the opportunity to hold up long discussions which aren't washed away by real-time one-liners. Here you'll meet active players and long-time fans, dedicated modders as well as real farmers playing the game - and of course us GIANTS!

Our Discord Server for Farming Simulator

There are many reasons to join our Discord: Do you need help quickly or look for someone who wants to join your multiplayer session, you'll find someone here - pretty much 24/7. In case you just want to have a real-time conversation with like-minded people, that's also something our Discord is perfect for. Whether you prefer text or voice channels, both are available. 

You start in the lobby and have to choose you region first - you can choose more than one if you want. Also, you have to choose the categories that interest you, like modding, support, offtopic or just everything Farming Simulator related. More than 40.000 users are already signed up to our Discord server, so why don't you join to?

Farming Simulator on Twitch & YouTube

On YouTube you'll find exactly what you're expecting: Teasers and trailers to our new game content, interviews with partners and much more. But that's not all we're doing of course. We're also streaming on Twitch. Join our streams some time and watch our Farming Simulator League tournaments for example. Live while chatting with other people!


Our Social Media channels

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - we and many of our fans are active on social media. Follow us if you don't want to miss any news about Farming Simulator as well as various fun stuff we're doing on there.


Farming Simulator on Reddit

If you're already active on the community platform Reddit (also called "the front page of the internet"), visit /r/farmingsimulator. There you'll find some our fans sharing cool images or videos about the game - as well as memes, anecdotes and other things. Of course, news about Farming Simulator are also discussed by the redditors. 


So, who's responsible for the community? 

For us at GIANTS it's important to stay in touch with our community. Because of that, you'll find us on pretty much all the channels listed above. First and foremost, you'll meet our Community Manager as well as our Community Coordinator. Both are, among other things, responsible for two important things: They're your voice at GIANTS and they're in the same capacity our voice in the community. They'll publish important announcements in the community, answer your questions and do a lot of other things related to community management. 

Community Manager: Lars “Lisertan” Malcharek

Lars aka Lisertan is our Community Manager and eSports Coordinator at GIANTS Software. That means, he's not only responsible for the community but is also supervising the Farming Simulator League. Lars strongly believes that gamers are more than just a statistic in the overall sales figures of a video game. He joined the team in March 2017 after working for Electronic Arts, Bioware and NCSoft for many years, specializing in Online-Communication, Public Relations, Forums Administration, Customer Support and of course Community Management. 

Follow Lars on Twitter!

Community Coordinator: Christoph “Chaki” Stumpfer

Chris aka Chaki joined the team in March 2019 to support Lars as Community Coordinator and help focussing more on the community. He's active on all channels, especially Twitter, Discord and on our official forums. Chris has also many years of experience in the gaming business on his resume - including his positions as Community Representative at Ubisoft, Community Coordinator at Electronic Arts and Social Agent at Zenimax Online. 

Follow Chris on Twitter!

Our moderators

Not to forget our active and committed moderators on the forums and Discord. They ensure that all community members stay civilized and play by the rules. They help if some of you wander around aimlessly on the Discord channels and forums and gladly try to help if you have a problem.

Send us your questions, comments and constructive criticism. Either on the Farming Simulator forums or directly at! We’re excited for your feedback on our blog and our articles!

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