Modding Tutorials 4.0 now available for everyone!

8. April 2020

If you want to get into modding or just want to know more about how your favourite fan additions to the Farming Simulator series get created, there is a bunch of new video tutorials ready for you to watch. We have published our latest Modding Tutorials 4.0 (for Farming Simulator 19) and made the whole series available on YouTube. 

Farming Simulator 19: Modding Tutorials 4.0

For a straightforward introduction, we'll start with the installation of the GIANTS Editor you'll need to create your mods. Then, we'll show you the basic functionality before getting down to business: Easy to understand, we'll explain in the following episodes how to edit terrain and create fields, setting up missions and adding traffic to the streets and much more.

Need more help?

If you need more information and help to create your own modifications for Farming Simulator 19, head over to the GIANTS Developer Network (GDN). Over there you'll find fundamental readings you should dip into, all essential downloads, a list of keyboard shortcuts to make your life easier and much more - including a forum to exchange with other modders. 

Also, visit our active Farming Simulator forums! There are also some modding related forums. Same goes for our official Discord Server, where you'll finde people casually chatting 24/7 with serperated modding channels to seek quick help. 

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