Farming Simulator Podcast #3: Happy Easter! Swiss Future Farm, your questions & more

3. April 2021

Happy Easter, people!  We're back with Episode 3 of the official Farming Simulator Podcast on SpotifyApple Music and many other platforms. Also, you find the download link below. Check it out!

This Episode, we're talking about the Swiss Future Farm mod, the 75th anniversary of Fortuna and answer a lot more of questions from within our community. See the questions below! Missed previous episodes? No worry, catch up below!

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Content of Episode 3

  • Celebrating Easter
  • Swiss Future Farm
  • Fortuna's 75th anniversary

Community questions answered

  • Will GIANTS set up an office in the United States?
  • Can you communicate the distribution of players between PC and consoles?
  • Why does my game keep crashing?
  • Are GIANTS going to recruit agricultural consultants to move towards more realism?
  • Why does the game not have a split-screen multiplayer?
  • Will the Point of Contact for the US player base change now that Elany is here?
  • Could GIANTS partner with modders?
  • How do you plan to reconcile two populations: the one that requires more realism and the one that wants to stay in casual/arcade?
  • Would it be possible to add the special editions of tractors (Blue power from New Holland, Black Beauty from Fendt, ...)?
  • What are the next planned steps in the precision farming project?

That's our Podcast!

Around every two weeks, we'll discuss themes and topics relevant to our fans. Community Manager Lars aka Lisertan and both of our Community Coordinators Chris aka Chaki and Elany talk about the most important news from Farming Simulator and GIANTS Software. That's not all of course! We'll have guests on, too! Don't think of the podcast as a simple news source. Think about it as a way to get deeper into the latest topics and hear more about right from the source.

>> Download Episode #3 <<

Give us your feedback, please!

The main reason why we introduce the Farming Simulator Podcast, is to get one more step closer to you, our community. You can also expect to get some questions answered. We always keep our eyes open in all places to look out what's going on. Whether on the Official Forums, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and Discord. With the podcast, feel free to shoot your questions directly for the purpose of getting answered into a polished and shiny microphone!

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