Swiss Future Farm - Contest winning map, update now available!

31. March 2021

Welcome to the Swiss Future Farm! Made by Oxygendavid, the updated map brings an even more authentic version of AGCOs knowledge center for practical use of digital farming to Farming Simulator 19.

The map is available to download from ModHub - for free! Whether you play on PC or consoles, head over to the ModHub in-game and enjoy a virtual replica of the real-life farm and its surroundings in Switzerland!

"The SWISS FUTURE FARM team in Tänikon is excited to be present in Farming Simulator with a new map! We hope everyone gains interesting insights in our agricultural operation with the winner of  FarmCon 19s mod contest", comments Dr. Nils Zehner, Agricultural Engineer at AGCO Corporation.

Updated mod map by Oxygendavid

The updated Swiss Future Farm for Farming Simulator 19 contains a faithful replica of the real farm in the Tänikon, Switzerland. It includes a real-life PDA map, new buildings, animals and more. Now, it's Seasons19-compatible, too! See the change log below and visit the ModHub page for more details! 

  • Adapted some buildings making them more like the real life ones
  • Added animals to the farm (calves, cows, pigs)
  • Added the real life indoor horse arena and horses to the map
  • Seasons-compatible
  • Added all gameplay features to the map
  • Added the Swiss Future Farm real life equipment to the start-up equipment list
  • Tweaked foliage and trees around the map
  • New lighting
  • Added signs and details to represent how the area looks now
  • Loads of other Tweaks/Fixes/Improvements across the map

Talking to Oxygendavid

Why did you want to create the Swiss Future Farm as a map for Farming Simulator? 

Oxygendavid: GIANTS software announced that there would be a special award in their FS19 Mod Contest. This competition involved creating the Swiss Future Farm in Switzerland. My passion in Farming Simulator is to recreate realistic farms, this particular farm itself and the area looked very intriguing and challenging, so I saw this as a perfect opportunity to enter the competition.

What were the challenges when creating the map? What did you learn while doing it?

Oxygendavid: There were quite a few challenges, the main one being the number of models I had to make along with building the map within a very tight timeframe of just a few months.

I knew I had to try and make the map look and feel as close to the real life one as possible, so I spent time researching the area from the images provided and information online. I also studied the area on Google Maps making each model as detailed as possible while using new ways of texturing and taking advantages of the GIANTS "building shader" included in FS19.

Another challenge was making sure all buildings were to scale and fitted on the PDA map perfectly. I have learned many new techniques and the project pushed me out of my comfort zone which was a huge benefit.

Any piece of advice for new modders and fans interested to create their first map? 

Oxygendavid: To make your very own first map I think the key skills are to have patience and passion to create a world for other people and yourself to enjoy.

There are many good tutorials out there either on YouTube or Google and the community/modders are always great when it comes to helping each other.

About Swiss Future Farm

The ultimate goal of the Swiss Future Farm: bundling knowledge, leading to agricultural innovation. Its intention is to create an ideal basis for research and development of agricultural technology. One of the top priorities is to stay at eye level with all kinds of farmers.

Swiss Future Farm is a public-private project by AGCO Corporation, GVS Agrar AG and the Arenenberg Education and Consulting Center. Find more information about Swiss Future Farm and its partners on the official website at

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