More content for you: Welcome to our Farming Simulator Blog!

4. March 2020

Welcome to our blog! We have things planned for you: Behind the scenes material, useful tips for inexperienced farmers, more or less interactive community content, maybe even some Rosy, our cuddly mascot! Basically we want to give you more content other than the usual announcements for new content we secretly marked in our calendar already. So expect more about your favourite simulator on our blog!

Well okay, but what exactly can we expect on the blog?

You may ask yourself (justifiable) why we’re doing a blog all of a sudden. No, it wasn’t a spontaneous idea that came to us while talking to a group of bloggers at an early-2000s party. We want to give our devoted fans and more reading material about Farming Simulator. A blog seems like the right channel to do this next to our videos on Youtube and our postings on Social Media. We want to give you a bit more content in the future. 

It’s simple: More Farming Simulator content for you

As you probably well know by now, the next Farming Simulator won’t be out this year. Don’t worry, behind the scenes GIANTS Software is already working very hard on what comes next. What exactly we’re working on will be presented when we as well as the features are in a state we feel comfortable sharing. You’ll see in the coming weeks and months. Be certain, that we want to show you more than the usual trailer for new content...

Bourgault for example: Right before we release the first of three DLCs planned for this year, we’ll get an interview out you may be interested in. For the upcoming Bourgault pack we interviewed someone at Bourgault and talked about the DLC as well as our cooperation. So the plan is to release more behind the scenes material with our upcoming releases. So swing by from time to time and see what’s new on our blog!

Dedicated to the community - we want your feedback!

Sometimes we want to include you in our blog activities. Small surveys can be a thing as well as something bigger that we’ll announce here for you to participate. We have various ideas we hope you like to participate in. We'll get more precise soon, promise!

And this is important: We want your feedback. Tell us your wishes, your dreams and desires. Of course that also means criticism and suggestions for improvement! Which topics interest you? What do you want to read more of?

Send us your questions, comments and (hopefully constructive) criticism. Either on the Farming Simulator forums or directly at! We’re excited for your feedback on our blog and our articles!


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