Tournament Client: Beta-Patch introduces Training Mode

6. October 2020

Training for the Farming Simulator League or your own tournaments with friends just got easier: With the Tournament Client now updated to version we introduced a training mode. Of course, there are a lot of balancing optimizations and bugfixes, too. See the complete changelog below!

Start training!

Season 3 of the FSL begins with the first tournament scheduled for November 27th-29th. If you want to participate, build a team and register over at! There is still more than enough time to train and our new training mode will certainly help.

That's how training mode works: The Blue Captain can start the game with CTRL+T. Once in-game, players can press CTRL+B to spawn a bale, CTRL+S to spawn some straw and CTRL+F to fill their current tank. The Blue Captain is also able to set drops for the game - see the Beta Balancing Sheet for more information!



  • Added Training Mode
  • Picked drops now appear on the end screen


  • "Bottleneck" Team Perk will now raise the two innermost bridges on the opposite team's side
  • Changed the "Crazy Tool" super drop to a range of 800 litres - 2000per bale (was 200 litres - 1000 litres)
  • Exiting the tractor while pulling a bale press that is still on the pod will now automatically detach it
  • Fully implemented a weed impact factor for each harvester header according to the google sheet
  • Both Teams now have the chance to score a first bale: The earlier this happens, the higher the score
  • Reduced grain intake/yield multiplier from 2.5 to 2 after community feedback
  • Redesigned ditch crossing near barn
  • Baler fill Volume


  • Fixed bug where two clients were able to claim the same bale press
  • Fixed Crazy Tool getting bales stuck that are already inside the press when super drop is picked up
  • Fixed bug where it was possible to attach a baler to the harvester

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