Farming Simulator 19 Anderson Group Equipment Pack DLC is now available

26. March 2019

Today is the day: Farming Simulator 19 expands and adds equipment from Anderson group to it’s portfolio of detailed and faithfully reproduced machines. Since 1988, Anderson Group offers innovative solutions for farming equipment, especially for working with square and round bales.

Wrap long bale tubes with the HYBRID X XTRACTOR and load them up on the RBM2000PRO (Winner of the Elmore Imported Machine of the Year Award 2018). Together with machines like the A950, you’ll get the best Total Mixed Ration to make your cows very happy.

The Anderson Group Equipment Pack DLC is available today for download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC & MAC. The DLC is also included within the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Season Pass offer.

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