Enhance your Real Life Farming with Lizard

1. April 2019

GIANTS Software is excited to announce, that we will collaborate with an iconic manufacturer to bring our Lizard brand from the virtual fields on your computer and consoles to farms all over the globe.

Which manufacturer will be unveiled during this years FarmCon along with the first driveable prototype tractor - the LizardTrac 300e - based on our designers blueprints.

Aside from the design specs shown in the blueprint, the line will offer a lot of bells and whistles, such as a full set of features as you’d expect of a first class tractor. A short but not complete list:

  • Comfortable All-Weather Cabin with Cabrio-mode for two people
  • Environmentally-friendly engine
  • Self-Driving ability based on our ingame helper: Control your tractor from the comfort of your patio
  • Groundbreaking new control arrangement with Gamepad support
  • Fully customizable Horn sounds, including a Moo sound recorded from the original Rosy
  • Two built-in joysticks for full control of the attachable front- and backloader
  • Programmable Lights so you are prepared for every situation, even a late-night party in your stables
  • Two Cup-holders with dual-heater/cooler function
  • Fully compatible with all mods
  • Works best with our new LizFarm App for full control over all the features, coming to iOS and Android

If you are one of the first 200 to buy, you can customize your LizardTrac 300e for free.

We already have made plans to bring more tractors and machines out, such as the LizMix 3000 - a slurry tank with smoothie function - which will be revealed later this year.

We are very proud to have found a fantastic partner that shares our vision of the future of farming and can’t wait to see how people enjoy driving the prototype at this years FarmCon in Harsewinkel.

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