The FarmCon 19 presentations are now available as video download

14. August 2019

A few weeks ago, about 1000 fans, modders and YouTubers from the Farming Simulator community had the opportunity to attend workshops and presentations about our favourite hobby at FarmCon 19.

Besides all kinds of technical presentation, there was also a guest presentation from Swiss Future Farm, DJI Agrardrohnen and Claas.

Presentation: Map Design in FS19
Florian Busse
36 min
Workshop: Serious Games at GIANTS
Stefan Maurus
21 min
Modder Panel: Realism vs. Fun
Martin Rabl, Stefan_LS (LSModSource), Wopster (Realismus Modding), BlackJack (Creative Mesh)
43 min
Guest Presentation: CLAAS
Bernd Ludewig, Corinna Kotula, Reinhold Mähler
49 min
Guest Presentation: Swiss Future Farm
Nils Zehner
26 min
Presentation: Introducing the new Script Debugger
Stefan Geiger
37 min
Guest Presentation: Agricultural Drones
Davis Wong
29 min

If you also like building mods but weren't able to attend FarmCon, there's good news for you now: As of today, many of these presentations can be downloaded as a package in the shop from our website for €4.99. Visitors of FarmCon can download the package for free with the download code on the back of their FarmCon badge here.

We have reprocessed the videos of the presentations and linked them to the slides to offer you the best possible viewer experience.

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