Smell the difference! Oleo SC-8 is coming to FS17

1. April 2017

GIANTS Software and Vapos Inc. are pleased to announce the Oleo SC-8 today.

We are very glad that we can finally announce that in partnership with Vapos Inc. we are working on a new hardware product specifically designed for Farming Simulator 17. The cube shaped Oleo SC-8 will bring even deeper and more realistic gaming experience to your virtual farm. Once connected via USB, the Oleo SC-8 will be able to generate more than 6700 different farming related fragrances by use of eight internal cartridges.

"We are proud to bring this new technology, which has so far only been used in Cinemas and a very small amount of other entertainment areas, to the beloved Farming Simulator series. Especially people who live in larger cities will be happy to be able to breathe real country air for once."
- Martin Rabl, Marketing and PR Manager GIANTS Software

The system uses an innovative grid of odor points, which will be added to the existing maps in a later update. Once a player reaches one of these points (like stables, fields or vehicles), the system will trigger the hardware and the related fragrance emanates, creating an authentic farming experience.

Additional dynamic triggers will directly react to actions and objects in the game. For the first time ever, players will be able to differentiate between a trailer full of grass and a trailer full of liquid manure with their eyes closed - by simply smelling it.

The Oleo SC-8 is scheduled for a launch in fall 2017 and will be available for PC/Mac as well as all console versions of Farming Simulator 17. Interested players are invited to take a deep breath and try out it out in advance at gamescom in Cologne for the first time worldwide.

Keep an eye on our Social Media channels, as well as our forums for more updates in the future.

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