Pumps N' Hoses - Third-Party Pack by Creative Mesh Coming Soon!

July 21, 2022

Soon you can upgrade your farming operation with umbilical systems, manure separation and configurable biogas plants! Creative Mesh, best known for Straw Harvest, is currently working on Pumps N' Hoses - a third-party pack for Farming Simulator 22. Available on September 27th for PC and consoles!

New gameplay features, machines, tools & buildings

A huge variety of new machines, tools and buildings extend the infrastructure of manure distribution and resource storage on your farm. More than 30 items from Dutch manufacturer Schouten, German steel storage specialist Stallkamp and biogas technology manufacturer BvL are included in Pumps N' Hoses. The pack consists of basically three components to introduce new gameplay features - learn more below.

Umbilical Systems 

Pumps N' Hoses lets you implement so-called umbilical systems on your farm: By attaching draggable hoses in different lengths and ultra-light drag hose injectors instead of heavy manure tanks to your tractor, you protect the soil and fertilize your fields.

That's convenient because of the high capacities of mobile pumping units (wagons and trailers) stationed nearby. You'll be able to combine hoses that span hundreds of meters to cover your fields for efficient fertilization. To improve pumping conditions, additional water tanks and compressors are also available. 

Manure Separation

Liquid manure separators will allow you to separate liquid and solid components of manure. Why? For a more versatile application! Do you want to use the dry parts of manure for animal bedding on your dairy farm, sell it for a profit, or fertilize your fields with it? That's your choice. 

Biogas Plant Configuration

Fans of biogas plants, can look forward to upgrading them by configuring the plants according to their needs and preferences: Various modules can be dynamically placed around the root facility.

You decide where to build reception areas, fermentation tanks, gas holders, power plants to produce electricity and other components. 

Pre-Order Now And Support Creative Mesh!

Presented and published by GIANTS Software, Pumps N' Hoses is made by Creative Mesh. By pre-ordering and purchasing the third-party pack for Farming Simulator 22, you can support the mod-team that grew into a development studio directly. 

Pumps N' Hoses will be available on September 27th for PC, Mac, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Google Stadia.

About Creative Mesh

Creative Mesh was founded in 2016 by some members of "bm-modding", which have been active in the Farming Simulator community since 2011. They created many acclaimed mods for several installments of the Farming Simulator series and won the official Farming Simulator mod contest in 2015. For Farming Simulator 17 and 19, Creative Mesh developed the Straw Harvest Expansion, focussing on the pellet industry. 

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