The surrounding programme at FarmCon 18

February 20, 2018

Of course, the presentations will once again be a central part of FarmCon this year, but there are also some highlights waiting for our visitors outside of the presentations. Today we would like to give you an overview of the surrounding programme we have prepared for you.

Saturday is traditionally the longer day for visitors at FarmCon, and the surrounding programme on this day is correspondingly extensive. Visitors can look forward to the following things on Saturday:

Tractor driving
Who hasn't always wanted to ride a tractor or even drive it himself? We will draw 5 main prizes and 20 additional prizes on Saturday among all interested visitors. The 5 main winners are allowed to drive the tractor, while the 20 secondary winners are allowed to join the ride in small groups.

Suckling pig feast
The entrance fee includes lunch on Saturday. A very special treat awaits you for this. There will be fresh suckling pig that is prepared locally. Of course, other dishes (e.g. vegetarian)will also be available.

The HORSCH Shop opens
FarmCon visitors will have the opportunity to visit the HORSCH Shop for a limited time on Saturday. There are some interesting things to discover and purchase for you. Check it out!

GIANTS After Party
Traditionally, a small after party takes place after FarmCon on Saturday. After the presentations, you can chat with the GIANTS developers at the HORSCH FITZentrum in a pleasant atmosphere. With a beer in a relaxed atmosphere we like to talk about everything you are interested in. Later, night owls will surely meet some of our people in hotel bars in Regensburg or Roding. Where exactly we are will be announced at a later date.

World Cup match for 3th
Football fans will not be forgotten, of course. We will offer the opportunity to watch the match for third place in the World Cup live after the final session of FarmCon.

Sunday is the departure day for many of our visitors, but those who decide to stay longer are waiting for the two very special event points.

HORSCH factory tour
The HORSCH factory tours start on Sunday after the last presentation at FarmCon. The first factory tour will be held in English, all other tours are in German. Interested parties can take a look behind the scenes of HORSCH in groups of up to 50 people.

The World Cup Final
Those who stay until evening can watch the final of the World Cup privately with us after FarmCon. Good atmosphere guaranteed!

Feel like joining the fun? Then you can buy the reduced early bird tickets for 10€ here.

We will announce more details about the FarmCon 18 programme in the near future. Keep your eyes open.

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