#FarmFromHome - Streaming event & giveaway this Sunday!

19 Mars 2020

As you all well know, the situation around the COVID-19 pandemic still evolves and safety measures get reinforced around the world pretty much daily. GIANTS Software is doing everything possible to protect not only our employees. Keeping our employees and fellow citizens healthy is a top-priority - we implemented home office policies and most of the staff has vacated the offices to reduce risk and slow down the spread of infection. But nevertheless, we’re dedicated to provide our services for you to enjoy as usual. 

Lot’s of streams and giveaways this sunday! 

These are hard times for everyone and we don’t want you to forget how important it is to still have fun and enjoy ourselves in a safe environment. Therefore, we spoke to some of our dedicated friends on YouTube and Twitch for an upcoming streaming event.

That’s the plan: Participating streamers will not only show entertaining live gameplay this Sunday on March 22nd, but also give away some keys for Farming Simulator 19. Who’s participating? Check the list below, links to all the channels are included, of course. 

When? Around 17:00 Central European Time (CET/MEZ).

Streaming may vary heavily depending on your favourite streamers region. Check the streams to learn how you can win one of the keys made available to all participating streamers! 

Participating Streamers 

Stay home & farm on with your friends online!

In the upcoming days and weeks it will be more important than ever: Please stay home, follow the behavioral guidelines provided by verified experts and don’t forget to have fun. If you already own Farming Simulator 19 and still want to win a key, share it with a friend, colleague or family member to join your farm! 

Please, be aware: Amidst the challenging situation some of our services may underlie temporary interruptions - such as delayed customer support. Thank you for your patience! We are thankful for our supportive community and welcome every new virtual farmer looking for a way to virtually relax in these trying times.

Send us your questions, comments and constructive criticism. Either on the Farming Simulator forums or directly at community@giants-software.com! We’re excited for your feedback on our blog and our articles!

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