Farming Simulator 19: Straw Harvest - Free Expansion coming April 7th!

23 Mars 2020

Free addon coming soon: Creative Mesh releases Straw Harvest, the acclaimed expansion for Farming Simulator 17, for the latest entry of the series. On April 7th, Straw Harvest will be available for free on the Modhub of Farming Simulator 19 on PC and Mac with PS4 and Xbox One following soon after. With the free addon you expand your farming operation to the pellet industry.

Straw Harvest allows you to enter the pellet industry using authentically rebuild machines and tools by KRONE as well as Bressel und Lade. Included is the worlds first mobile pellet havester - the KRONE Premos 5000, which produces pellets directly on the field or is operated stationary with the additional bale shredder. Also included are two balers, the KRONE BiGPack 1290 HDP II and Comprima V180xc as well as other tools and machinery.

You decide how to handle your produced goods: Sell them right away, use them for animal bedding or food, or bring them to the expandable industry hall, used for storage and processing. A hall crane to move all the material and an automatic pelletizer will give you full control over your goods. Bale grabs from Bressel und Lade and Lizard including various front loaders, telehandlers and wheel loaders are used to handle the bales in your storage.

Get more information about the Straw Harvest Addon for Farming Simulator 19 on the official website by Creative Mesh. 


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