Alpine Video Contest: ALL videos & full reactions

9 Avril 2021

Our Alpine Farming Video Contest featuring the Alpine Farming Expansion is over. Now, we just want to share some final words and bonus content. Vector Man, the winner of our contest with his video "Ascend", even produced a Making Of. If you've wondered, how he created his cinematic short film within the Farming Simulator universe, it's embedded below. Take a look!

You'll also find a YouTube playlist with all videos submitted below. If you've seen our reaction videos and want more, we now share the full reaction videos to the selected videos we've shown to our colleagues, too. That's nine more videos in total and some previously unseen reactions.

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Making Of Ascend - by Vector Man

Not only a gripping and emotional story made his video the winner. He also animated his hero, composed his own music and more - watch how he did it all!

More reactions from GIANTS

Of course, we had to shorten the material we got from our colleagues. Even more for the videos previously released. We had nine videos shown to GIANTS employees and watched them react. Here you see a little bit more of what happened in front of the camera.

All submitted videos

Well, mostly all. In case, you don't find your video here, it's either because your video wasn't e-mailed at the address we specified in the announcement correctly, it's set to be targeted "specifically at children" (which doesn't allow us to add it to the playlist with other videos) or maybe we just missed one. Just e-mail us at and make sure that your video is listed and not targeted specifically at children. 

Alpine Farming Video Contest: Master Playlist

Final words

Thank you! We had a lot of fun, as we said before. This has been a fun ride and was a special way for us to interact with our community. We hope to do it again somewhere in the future. Hopefully, you had as much fun as we did and enjoy the Alpine Farming Expansion.

Maybe some of you even got interested in film and video editing and keep creating content - no matter what it's about. Feel free to let us know your thoughts about the video contest and write at

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