John Deere 6M in Augmented Reality: Take your tractor anywhere! (iOS & Android)

21 Octobre 2020

Let's have a little bit fun with augmented reality! Back in July, John Deere showed off the new John Deere 6M series with the model directly coming to ModHub for Farming Simulator 19. Not only can you operate the tractor in it's virtual form in the game, you can basically take it anywhere you want, too! Thanks to John Deere's Augmented Reality model and the now added QR code on our ModHub page.

Trailer shows John Deere 6M AR model

If you haven't touched AR yet and want to take a look first, here's a little trailer showing off the virtual tractor you can place anywhere in the world and in any size with your phone.

Download John Deere 6M series on Modhub!

The 6M series by the acclaimed american manufacturer is available to download for free. Just head over to the in-game ModHub on PC, Mac, PS4 or Xbox One. Find out more on the ModHub page on our website - over there you'll find the QR code to start the AR application directly with the camera of your phone. Available for iOS and Android devices. 

John Deere 6M Series on ModHub

John Deere 6M in Augmented Reality


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