Bourgault Video Contest: Honorable Mentions

June 26, 2020

We reviewed every video entry to the Bourgault Contest. Every. Single. One. We laughed, we cried (because of various reasons), sometimes we felt confused. You may find your video in this article. At least, if you sent it to the correct e-mail adress as per our initial announcement. We hope you did! We selected a few videos we certainly don't want to withhold. Those videos are not the winners - but they are definitely worth watching! 

All of the following videos are either visually compelling or executed in a creative way that we like. Some of them build up a nice and relaxing or even epic atmosphere, others are quite funny and tell us an entertaining little story. Also, we turned a blind eye for the mentions if you used some branded mods that we excluded from the contest. The three winners will follow soon! So if you don't find your video here, you may still have a chance to win... 

Honorable Mentions (in no specific order)


A video that made us happy by Biker

Let's set the mood right at the beginning! Objectively, this nice little video isn't that special since it mostly shows us the contents of the Bourgault Pack without being specific. The camera work is nicely done with some cool perspectives - but what catches us is the up-beat music. It's a happy tune that makes us feel good in our tummies. So, if you want your spirits lifted while looking at some virtual farming, just watch it! One of the few videos we would've loved if it was a bit longer.



A professional Trailer by Max Wild

We got a lot of videos done in a trailer style with emphasis on presenting the included verhicles in the Bourgault DLC. We really appreciate the professional angle people took with going for a trailer. But, most times we're missing the creativity and had something like a Deja Vu experience here and there. One of the most compelling videos in terms of quality comes from Max Wild. Well chosen camera angles, nice transitions, overall very high quality and some rocky music. It concentrates on what's essential and does it very well. It makes a good promotional video.



Not the usual game trailer by P-Gioco

As we said before, a lot of the contributions to the contest are done in a way that resembles the usual game trailer. And you know how that works: Epic music being used, fast-paced scenes cut together, a short interruption with the screen going black - just before the sound comes back with a bang and it's even faster-paced than before. To make that look high-quality is obviously not that easy. On top of that, it seems like the director of this nice and professional-looking video  clearly knows when it's enough. We chuckled. 



An Image Film by Tobias Zangerl

Image films are a challenge for most companies. The result is often generic and not very exciting. But this one is. Because it relies on atmosphere instead of half-hearted marketing phrases and music you'd expect in an elevator of a retirement home. Tobias' way is more emotional thanks to his focus on the visual display of Bourgault machines, a short narration and an epic soundtrack which leads to a presentation full of pathos. Not everyone's style, sure. But still executed nicely and neither over-the-top nor as boring as many image films out there in the business world. 



A rocky music video by Guil'home New Farm

This one feels a little bit like the good old MTV days. No, we don't mean the flashy kind of pop music videos that once defined big chunks of their daily broadcast. We think more of the midnight program at the weekend that showed some more love for Alternative Rock. Getting home from a party at 2 AM, still too pumped up to go to bed, sitting down with your roommates in the living room - and watching some Farming Simulator to melodic rock tunes. Doesn't that sound familiar in some way? At least, if you're old enough, you might remember the feeling...



Some Synthesizer Love by REX

Especially the beginning of this video struck some nerves in terms of music. Synthesizers aren't used very often anymore. What a shame that is... Although the soundtrack changes over the course of the full six minutes, it's still a visually harmonic compilation of Bourgault machines. On top of that, we get some specifications of the machines. So you'll learn something while watching and enjoying the music. We have to say, we really wished for a full-on and over-the-top 80s style farming video with a syntheziser-only soundtrack while watching this. 



Some cinematic work by Cinématique farming DK

Some say, asthetics aren't everything. Right. But some things are definetely nice to look at if done right and this one right here is obviously done by someone with a knack for video editing. For example, it shows some very cool camera perspectives - like focusing on small things like the control panel inside a tractors cabin you normally wouldn't see in this great detail. Bright colors, sharp images and nice transitions make it very pleasant to look at. 



Slow TV by Hoffen Trucking Company

It starts with an atmospheric introduction to "Hoffen Farms" followed by a collection of scenes showing the Bourgault machines at work. It's a bit lenghty but think of it like Slow TV - meaning a calm and relaxing video where it's okay to mentally wander off for a second. Lean back, get yourself comfortable, maybe prepare yourself a nice cup of tea and just watch to enjoy the calming asthetics of virtual farming. Falling asleep wouldn't be a bad thing but a compliment to the relaxing style. 



Romantic Short by World Wide Visuals

If the task would've been "make a one-minute TV spot and make it kinda romantic without cramming everything in by force", this would be one of the favourites for sure. It's short and reduced to a minimum, it's beautiful and therefore effective to get a "awww, that's nice!" out of the viewer. Basically, it just combines an idyllic landscape with up-beat music to create a romantic short about farming. Who doesn't want to be a farmer after watching that? 



A very British Review by Ceebur

If you're a fan of british characters and their dry sense of humour, you might like this one. Even if you're not a fan of watching two englishmen rambling (although we suspect there's only one guy behind both characters, switching to a slightly nasal tone) - you can learn something from this contribution. Ceebur staged a special kind of DLC review, including a narrative and topped off with quite a lot of information about the Canadian manufacturer. 



Another professional Trailer by Steenkamp Modding 

Another well made Trailer comes from a South African farmboy - that's a self-description on the Facebook Page, by the way. If you're a frequent user of our Modhub, there's a good chance you already came across some of Steenkamps popular Mods. With the same attention to detail and quality, we got a nice trailer showing off the machines in the Bourgault Pack.



An epic showcase by Martino Cavalli

If you need a more thrilling demonstration of the Bourgault machines in terms of presentation, this one might whet your appetite. It's basically a showcase of the vehicles and machines included in the pack, accompanied by a soundtrack from the "epic" category. We especially enjoyed the quiet ending showcasing one machine after another which highlights the impressive size of the Canadian machines that has many fans in Northern America.



A Montage by DXFARM

If you just want to see the Bourgault machines in action to observe what you get with this expansion to Farming Simulator and the music used in the following video is your style, you got some nice scenes from the game to enjoy in this montage. It's not as spectacular as others but it doesn't have to be. It got some nice camera perspectives and is overall carefully crafted. 



The dream of big machines by Vector Man

You know the feeling when you just got enough money to get rid of your little starter tractor and other equipment to buy something big? This is basically the backstory of this little short film. Although a bit lengthy with over six minutes, it's something probably everyone can identify with. It's done with some creative camera angles, nice demonstration of the machines as well as an appropriatlely epic soundtrack. 



Requiem for a fever dream by Weekend Warriors B.C.

This video needs you to turn on subtitles to get some interesting facts about Bourgault and their machinery. Otherwise, the slightly eerie choice of music and smooth transitions between the cuts mostly gave us the feeling of some kind of fever dream. It's nice to look at, especially the timelapses, but the mood is a bit heavy on the melancholic side - we don't know exactly if that's a good thing but we asked for emotions and we got them. Although they're confusing. Good work.



A small showcase by Brad Steigerwalt

You'd expect something like this being played in a loop in some kind of visitors center of a manufacturer to showcase some machines to people walking by or just waiting for the next presentation. The music is unobstrusive and happy - it's a nice tune to listen to and the virtual camera work is well executed. The color filter gives the video an individual look, too. 



An Irishman in North-America by Chris the Irish Gamer

Our Irish gamer Chris sends us on a journey from Dublin to Illinois. It's only a minute long, but that's enough to show us the idyllic countryside charme accentuated by a fitting country tune. It gets the Northern American feeling across the pond just fine and thats why it works so well. If we'd only play on smaller maps, now we'd like to explore something different to see how it feels.



A simple montage by DamZan

It's another example for a video showing you the machines in action if you'd like to see them before you buy them. To be honest, you have to be a fan of the genre to enjoy the music - especially since it doesn't really add anything to the video. Bonus points for using a Big Bud. Since you don't see those around much anymore. 


Bigger is better by Mirozed

Director Mirozed focuses on the big stuff. As he should, since we're still talking Bourgault here. But to emphasize, he also utilizes a good ol' Big Bud. Thanks to his clever choices of camera angles and cool tracking shots, the machines really feel as big as they are. Also, he shows some details and focuses on the mechanics of the tools. It's a nice montage, but a little bit more "action" would've been nice - with almost four minutes of mostly driving, it feels quite longer than it is. Nevertheless, good work.

Thank you, everyone - and stay tuned!

We enjoyed every one of those videos above. If you didn't find your video here, it's probably because of one of the following reasons: You're still up for the finale and made it to the last three. Or, your video did not meet our criteria, maybe even broke some more important rules. Or it was just way too similar to videos in the list above and would've needed a bit more polish to make the list, too. But, don't get discouraged - we're excided about every submission and hope to see more in the future. And, of course, we hope you had fun! 

We'll follow this up with the winners real soon...

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