Cantabria Infinite

Cantabria Infinite, multi-fruit and factory map, based in the Argoños area, Cantabria.
- Various starts available with custom terrain and vehicles; Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry and Entrepreneur.
- BGA, Animals, Compost, Carrot, Onion, Hops, Bamboo, Millet, Umbrella collector, Salt Water, Gravel Quarry, GlobalCompany, Season Compatible

Factory system (needs "globalCompany" to work):
- Sawmill: Wood + Diesel = Woodchips + Planks + Beams
- BioDiesel: Rapeseed/Soybean/Sunflower = Diesel + Compost
- Apple Field: Manure/Compost + Water + Lime/Salt = Apples
- Olives Field: Manure/Compost + Water + Lime/Salt = Olives
- Drying: Hams + Salt = Cured Hams
- Desalination plant: Salt water = Water + Salt
- Oil fact.: Rapeseed/Sunflower/Olives + Diesel + Pallets = Oil
- Suga fact.: Cane/Beet + Diesel + Pallets = Sugar
- Salads fact.: Vegetables + Potato/Carrot/Onion + Oil + Salt = Ensaldas
- Dairy fact.: Milk + Water + Diesel = Dairy
- Pallets fact.: Planks = Woodchips + Pallets
- Soft drinks fact.: Cereal + Hops + Sugar = Soft drinks + Chaff
- Juices fact.: Apples/Strawberries/Raspberry + Water = Juices
- Greenhouses: Manure/Compost + Water + Lime/Salt = Vegetables
- Slaughterhouse: Cow/Pig + Pallet = Meat + Hams
- Silage Silo: Grass/Hay/Chaff = Silage
- Compost: Straw and compact (like ba silo)
- Quarry: Gravel = Lime // Gravel + Salt = Fertilizer

Change log 1.3
· Fixed duplicate of names in straw sale
· Blinds corrected in the car shop and re-texturing
· Fixed hedge with collision near animal sales
· Fixed some translations and added Italian thanks to "lazzarocammina"
· Adjusted the water sound of apple and olive fields

Change log 1.2
· Some buildings repainted (LupaMarket, bioDiesel tank)
· Fixed bug with apple tree that disappeared when saving and loading game
· Removed collision of small stones on roads
· Fixed the error with the salad pallet
· Greenhouses now consume empty pallets at a normal rate
· The sawmill beams were removed until a utility was found
· New crops removed from the mission system
· BGA bunkers fix
· Sawmill diesel sign fix

Change log 1.1
· Fixed ManureSysteam compatibility, no longer blocking desalination plant, you can also use hoses to discharge slurry from pigs, cows and BGA
· Adjusted the price of some land and products
· Adjusted some sounds
· Vehicle spawn in the shop is more friendlier
· Some buildings have re-textured, more will come
· Adjusted the position of some objects (sign, lamppost)
· The straw in the composter is now compacted much faster
· Fixed some missing or wrong translations.
· French translation added thanks to GuiGuiGaming
Farming Simulator 19
446.60 MB
User Rating:
4.1 (571)
The rating function has moved to the in-game modhub exclusively

Required Mods:

- GlobalCompany (By: LS-Modcompany / kevink98, aPuehri, Eribus)



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