The Angevin Countryside

Welcome to The Angevin Countryside! It's a realistic French map that comes from the villages near Angers in Maine et Loire.

Here's what you'll get in this map:
- 2 cow barns
- 1 pig barn
- 2 sheepfolds
- 1 stud
- 1 CUMA
- 1 BGA
- Factories such as the cheese factory, the sawmill, the fabric, greenhouses, a sugar factory...
- 155 Fields all purchasable and functional in missions
- 5/6 plots of wood to make your chainsaws roar
- 1 buyable area with 2 small plots of wood to let your imagination run wild!
- The cartridges are hidden (or not :D) in the map, the prices are personalized according to the difficulty (easy = 5000$ < difficult = 50000$)
- Dealership with working garage doors and bridges for more real RP than ever!

This is an official conversion of The Angevin Countryside version FS19 for FS22.

I hope you like it and don't hesitate to give me your feedback!

Have fun!

- Adjustment of the yield of alfalfa seed.
- Changed the grass of the map to meadow.

Changelog :
- Addition of new cultures compatible with the Maize Plus
- Alfalfa (Hay, Grass, Seed)
- Clover (Hay, Grass)

- Added rapeseed straw

- Modification of animal feed (not visible with Maize Plus):
Cows :
- Addition of rapeseed straw between 0 and 35%
- Added alfalfa and clover hay in addition to basic grass hay
- Added clover hay and alfalfa hay in the hay category
- Added clover and alfalfa in grass category

- Added alfalfa hay in the hay category

- Added clover, clover hay, alfalfa and alfalfa hay

- Modified cartridge 20 location (now recoverable)
- Added tires and sandbags in the "pallets" category to put on the silos by hand
- Changed the height of some trees
- Setting in "no collision" of the mud and flood panels
- PDA centering
- Modification Trigger Dairy, Sawmill, Terreno and Triskalio
- Changed the textures at the Triskalio cooperative
- Modification some buildings that can now be sold.

Changelog :
- Addition of the point of sale at the Dairy
- Change from a parked car to a house
- Height adjustment of repair shops in farms
- Addition of sale of Olives, Grape and Grape in Trikalio and Terreno
- Offset from silo to BGA
- Added collisions to silos and weighing in Triskalio
- Removal of the sale of cut beets at the point of sale "you don't have a hundred balls"
- Increase in the liter of water and food for the sheep
- Placement of the storage building in the main farm
- Mud and flooding at the bottom of the map is visible only when it's raining
- Added field entries for fields that didn't have one
- Modification of building textures
- Added soil map for Precision Farming
- Changed the appearance of manure in the main farm

- Fixed water bodies on the whole map
- Authorizations of a building
- Fixed mission gear spawn in store
- Fix main farm buildings not loading in hard game
- Fixed flying trees
- Fixed a wooden sign going through a building in the main farm
- Added more car traffic
- Modification of the sheep building
- Modification of the Pigs farm ((A new save game is required))
Farming Simulator 22
458.31 MB
User Rating:
4 (2475)


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