Big Fields Farm

The idea was to maximize the area of workable land,
while still having all the features of FS19. Supports the Seasons mod.

-Fields large enough to share with your friends.
-29 Fields from 0.390 ha to 66.813 ha.
Note: Fields can be combined into 8 large fields with a plow.
-Added to Landscape paint: more textures, also bushes, flowers and weeds.
-Lots of mature trees to harvest around map.
-Railroad loop bordering map with 2 silos and 2 selling points.
-Train layout: Diesel Loco with 2 Grain, 2 Sugarbeet and 2 Woodchips cars.
Note: All train cars can hold grain and woodchips cars hold root crops.
-Helper friendly layout.
Note: Best to run a headland cut along paved roads before hiring helper.
-All livestock pens are already installed at farm.
-5 Water stations, at the green hoses on wall.
-Large transport missions. (minimum 4 pallets per mission)
-Field work missions available on all fields.
-Vacant lots for sale near your farm for expansion.
-All land near paved roads is level, good for placeables.
-Traffic on all the paved roads.
-Pedestrians walking around town.
-Parked Cars.

NEW SAVE GAME REQUIRED! Sorry for the inconvenience.
-Added snow to background, selling points, some props and more structures.
-Added potatos, sugarbeets, sugarcane and +50,000 capacity to the farm silo storage.
-Changed the terrain grading on map to be no more than 6 degrees incline on fields.
-Deleted all trees, then installed fewer trees.
-Fixed placemant on some of the selling points.
-Made all trigger markers hidable.
-Changes to the look of the animal pens and BGA area.
-Moved BGA transport mission spot to side of building.
-Added some decoration to map and buildings.
-Added seperation curbs around locations.
-Replaced speed limit signs with updated ones.
-Adjusted placement of the stop signs.
-Added manhole covers and reflector poles to streets.
-Replaced the lime station with refill stations for:
Seeds, Fertilizer, Lime, water, Liquid Fertilizer and Herbicide.
Farming Simulator 19
Ninja Curt Mods
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